Hire Me

Tarik photo shooting

I am available for hire on request/ personal contact. I generally charge $80-$100 per session (for portraits) depending on the length. For any event photo shoot that is more than 3 hours long I generally charge $40-$80 per hour (based on the total number of photos I need to take). Please understand that taking photos at the location is a small part of the process, and later almost as much, if not more, time is spent editing and color correcting those photos is photoshop and lightroom**. In general, before you hire any photographer please read this article to understand the amount of hard work involved in photography: http://www.caughtonfilmphoto.com/costofphotography.html

If you want to contact me about hiring or would like to know more about me please check the About Me and Contact page.


**The following photo will give you  a good idea how color and tone correcting with creative use of filters, brushes, and other post processing techniques brings up the raw images (digital negatives) to full potential.