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“Beauty awakens the soul to act”– Dante Alighieri


Tarik Adnan Moon at NeelgiriThis is Tarik. I really appreciate that you are visiting my website. I always loved to take photos– to capture the moments. However, I realized that photography can do so much more–I can capture emotion, even a full story without a word. So I decided to buy a DSLR (an inexpensive Canon XS) and explore the world of photon hunting! From the day I started to explore photography, I simply started to see so much more– it is almost like I had a curtain in front of my eyes! For example– now whenever I go out I observe the sky, because sky can be so intricately artful…never knew that before.

Originally I am from Bangladesh, a small beautiful country in South Asia. Currently I am studying in Harvard College (Class of 2015) in the US, and photography is currently my most enjoyable hobby–the art that satisfies the hunger of my soul–the art that inspire me to believe in the beauty of life.

Finally, thanks again for your interest. I’d appreciate even more if you take some time to comment and leave your constructive criticism (via an email/the contact box below) so that I can improve my techniques.


If you want to contact me you can send me an email to the following address. I always try to respond within 24 hours.Email me